Grant Submission


The Foundation is a private non-operating foundation that makes grants to qualified charitable organizations which are exempt from income taxes under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. In certain instances, grants might be made to qualifying governmental entities. With some exceptions, the maximum grant has been $50,000 and grants have ranged from $10,000 to $30,000. 

The Foundation does not have a grant application form. Initial requests by a charitable organization should take the form of a letter of inquiry, or advice concerning eligibility may first be obtained from any member of the Board of Directors. If the request meets the basic guidelines of the Foundation's funding philosophy, a written explanation of the project should be presented, together with full financial data, including the project budget, the organization's financial statements for the prior fiscal year, and the budget and financial statements for the fiscal year to date along with the most recent form 990. Please be sure to include a contact name, phone number, and email in your letter.

All proposals meeting the basic guidelines of the funding philosophy will be considered by the full Board of Directors. Proposals are sent to the directors for study in advance of the award meetings. Based on the review of the written materials, site visits may be requested by one or more of the directors. In person presentations to Board members are discouraged.

The Board adopts an annual granting budget on a calendar year basis, and fully funds the budget by year-end. Award meetings are flexible, and are scheduled by the directors as a whole based on the number and urgency of requests received to date. Generally, 1 to 2 award meetings may be held each year. However, urgent requests may be considered at investment or other business meetings of the Board. Grant deadlines are May 15 and November 15.

Submit a grant through our secure portal:

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Or mailed to:
Brumley Foundation
P.O. Box 9294
Amarillo, Texas 79105-9294

Or may be hand-delivered to:
1018 South Van Buren
Amarillo, Texas 79101